About Us

While most college students spend their days trying to figure out a direction for their career, Cristina Vitiello had already found hers. Constantly designing and making jewelry, she turned a hobby into a full-time career when she began selling her designs in 2005, while still a student at Boston College's Carroll School of Management.  By graduation, in 2007, Cristina V. had already established a loyal following across the US. 

Cristina's collections combine precious and semi-precious stones with edgy metalwork and unexpected details, making each piece versatile and easy-to-wear. With prices that range from $50.00 to $500, and up to $3,000 for "Transitions" by Cristina V., customers can easily acquire top quality jewelry regardless of their budget.  “Everything is made in New York- contributing to the local economy and providing more flexibility to our wholesale and retail buyers.” Cristina explains. 

When asked what inspires her the most, Cristina answers “My customers- from the smile on their face to the excitement of custom designs, they are constantly pushing me forward."

Cristina V. pieces are available for purchase online and in high-end boutiques across the country. Cristina’s jewelry can be seen on news anchors and on TV’s fashion-forward, “Gossip Girl.”  Cristina V. and her staff combine a unique shopping experience with extraordinary personalized service for each and every customer.  We invite you to explore and share in the joy that so many have come to know…

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